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"I purchased the Vulsini bag in March 2013 and as a full time massage therapist this bag has been used easily 1000 times in this past year. The bag is fantastic! My clients adore the hot stones treatments and new clients are experiencing hot stones for the first time and loving it. My clientèle includes famous musicians, actors and some sports professionals when performing in Glasgow so the convenience of taking the Vusini bag along to gigs or venues is a blessing.

I always offer hot stones now - where as before, it was only if they requested. I could never imagine going back to the 'old way' with a heavy, bulky hot water tank and the longer set up time-plus fishing out the stones from the hot water and trying to do it all as quietly and safely.

Compact, clean, easy to use, fast, looks professional. People would be more inclined to want a hot stone treatment when seeing this device, not when seeing stones in water with steam coming out.

Love my bag :)"

Maureen Campbell
Massage Therapy Glasgow

"I can’t remember exactly when my love of all things Vulsini began but the discovery has dramatically changed the way I am able to offer my heated treatments, particularly for our growing number of ‘At Home’ clients. Before the Vulsini ‘Hot Stones’ Bag I didn’t even contemplate carrying out this treatment as a mobile service."
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Peter Rixham
Ginger & Juniper, Specialist Skincare Therapy

"Everyone at Remarkable Beauty has loved working with our VULSINI Hot Stone Bag since we recently purchased it for our mobile treatments. The stones heat up wonderfully quick in the compact and well designed bag, and they stay hot thanks to the life saving car adapter charger, which was vital for us as we are mobile."
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Aileen Coffey
Remarkable Beauty

"I bought my Bamboo Kit + Heating Bag from you last year and I have to say it is a fantastic piece of equipment. It’s neat and compact whilst also acting as a storage bag. Easy to use & clean, transports easily and heats up quickly. My clients love it for the many benefits they experience and it makes my life so much easier as a therapist too. I have no hesitation in promoting you to my students."

Margaret Tuxford
Preston Therapy Centre

"I am a massage therapist and business owner in Cleveland, Ohio. I recently purchased a Vulsini hot stone bag and I am in love with it and the freedom it has provided me in my work. I would love to share this product in my lectures and workshops."

Anna Gayheart
Aroma Stone Massage Therapy